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What’s New:

– AI now plays your hiscore on title screen background
– added interactive tutorial to show where Reflectors should be placed when the score and hiscore are no more than 5
– Facebook integration in leaderboard: login to compare with friends’ scores
– native iPad support: various UI now scale with the screen size
– all achievements now have icons
– ID preservation: network ID used for leaderboard now persist between installs, so you won’t create multiple entries on the leaderboard when you reinstall (your hiscore is still lost on uninstall though)
– ads and in-app purchase for the premium version: pause button has been removed and its use can be earned through watching ads in options or sign into Facebook
– finished Japanese localization
– data security: prevented hiscores and other player data being easily accessible and editable on Android
– all arrow based paging interfaces now support scrolling gesture
– added studio splash screen and reduced app load time

Changes and Fixes:
– gates no longer block each other (dragging across center is now possible)
– tripled drag threshold, which means you are less likely to miss a turn
– fixed laser able to reflect by moving Reflectors
– fixed tier 8 displaying as tier 6 on leaderboard
– fixed minor localization issues

The Multitasker 0.4.2b

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