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What’s New:
– NEW GAME+ mdoe, start at 1/3 of hiscore
– SUDDEN DEATH mode, laser only
– game auto saves between waves in case of crash
– 3 more achievements
– new title screen
– new Options interface
– option to unlink Facebook

– reworked trophy point system: it is now how many times you completed every achievement
– Absorbers and Inhibitors can now be turned off by tapping on them
– Absorbers and Inhibitors are a lot more responsive and useful
– game is now a lot easier before score 20, and slightly easier overall
– Perfectionist streak from 125 to 200
– laser bounce time from 0.05 to 0.03
– tutorial can be now toggled on/off in settings
– title AI no longer makes the whole game lag, at the cost of accuracy
– faster graphics on iPhone 6 and above and on all Android phones

– fixed leaderboard ranking off-by-one error (clicking on YOU tab will bring you to a wrong page if you are at, say 30)
– fixed achievement count becomes one after completing an achievement

The Multitasker 0.5b

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