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What’s New:
– can now share score after each game to Facebook, Twitter and WeChat
– new separate leaderboard for Sudden Death game mode
– added graphic quality option for performance on older devices
– added accurate AI option for better AI performance on title screen
– projectiles sounds are now stereo, that is, with headphones it is easy to tell whether a projectile is coming from left or right
– added Spanish translation
– added two more Note pages

– navigation bar is always displayed for Android devices with a virtual navigation bar
– trophy point is now number of times a player completes the full set of achievements (gaining one TP resets all achievements)
– leaderboard can now be also viewed on the game over screen
– first Absorber appears sooner (60 to 50)
– first Inhibitor appears sooner (130 to 125)
– laser bounce time from 0.05 to 0.03
– tutorial can be now toggled on/off in settings
– title AI no longer makes the whole game lag, at the cost of accuracy
– faster graphics on iPhone 6 and above and on all Android phones

– fixed Trophy Point count on leaderboard having a gap after the player name
– fixed Dexterous achievement count and translation errors
– fixed Absorber tutorial page crashes game
– fixed Inhibitor tutorial page crashes game
– fixed double tap sound from pressing tabs in options and leaderboard screens

The Multitasker 1.0

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