It certainly has been a while since I started programming and decided that my first app is going to be a drawing tool. More than 5 years, in fact, since I needed an app to sketch quick math and physics diagrams and decided to make one myself.

While initially I received a couple of thank you emails, it had been pretty quiet for a few years. Recently I have received kind reminders that Draw A Graph! is no longer working on iOS 11. I somewhat reluctantly went back to it to fix the issue. Nobody wants to read old code.


That was when I start reading the reviews. The app quietly amassed 29 ratings with 4.5 star average over the years despite having 0 maintenance for 3.5 years. People also left pretty touching reviews.

Touched enough to push me over the edge to rewrite the whole app from the ground up, with more features like saved shapes across drawings and zooming. I never managed to finish those before I left the app.

The new iteration would probably be more graphically consistent. Speedier too, but then you probably wouldn’t have had any problems unless you have been mindlessly drawing circles on Freeform Line tool for hours.

The app would probably go cross-platform. With an included in-app purchase to remove that one single ad. Not planning to put more ads in.

Not sure about the timeline though, but will be irregularly updating my progress here.

And if you have no idea what this is about and have an iDevice, go check it out!

Rewriting Draw A Graph!

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