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About this app

I wrote this app for just some simple sketching, without a stylus or anything. Just fingers. I was just trying to send some diagrams about maths and physics problems on my phone to my friend. None of the apps on the store make that simple. They are either too simple, or too hard to use.

That’s why I created this app. Somewhere just in-between. Something just right about creating simple diagrams to tell someone else exactly what you mean. This app is not a paintbrush collection, although you are free to make artworks out of it (that piano screenshot actually took an hour to look right…) This is not a graphic calculator, as some of my friends asked me. It doesn’t spit out equations (although it can, but the equations will probably be useless to most people) or take equations as input. It is for situations where you know what a graph looks like but have no idea what is its function. It’s faster to draw something than enter a long equation, too.

I’m thinking about making export as SVG possible. But there’s some learning involved (on my part) so it won’t come around too soon (until at least June 2014).

If you think something should be in there but is not, let me know!


A hybrid between simple sketching and professional vector drawing apps, Draw A Graph offers a range of handy line drawing tools that are simple yet powerful. The intuitive interface allows you to draw what you want to draw. Tired of repeatedly erasing out lines because they don’t look like the way you want them? Confused by the more advanced vector drawing tools? Get started with Draw A Graph! now!

Object oriented drawing – you get to change the shape and the look of the object after you put them on the screen! Check out the screenshots for some of the properties you can modify.

6 drawing tools – create straight lines, parabolas, cubic curves, arcs, freeform lines (with built-in smoothing so it doesn’t look like an earthquake victim) and text labels!

Group editing tool – select multiple objects and edit them all at once!

Grid paper – you define how big the grids are, how many smaller grids are, and how colorful they are whichever way you want! It’s like printing out your own grid paper (without actually printing, of course)!

Point snapping – you can make lines snap to other lines, vertices, and grids!

Editing tools – move the points, edit the label, rotate the shape around a center you define; duplicate the curve, undo the wrong moves, create an outline which you refine!

Note-style files – all your drawings are automatically saved. Finish up a drawing any time!

Sharing – publicize your work on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo, or save it to your camera roll.

5 thoughts on “Draw A Graph!

  • April 27, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Hi I think this is great to sketch drawings on site,what would be great would to have a zoom on the whole drawing, it would just add that extra detail that a bit hard on one scale.

  • December 3, 2014 at 4:02 am

    Hola, tienen una version premium?


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