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Well, the game 2048 got really popular, and after playing through a few times, I felt ending at 2048 is just too much of a waste (this was before they added a keep going button). So about a few days after I played the game, I started writing my own code, just for the fun of it.

By the time I finished the app, (which only took about a week for all the careful design, play-testing, new modes, photoshopping, game center support, network routing…) there’s about 20 apps about 2048 on the app store.

Well, at least most of them just got stuck with the old game play and brought nothing new to the game…that’s what I tell myself.

Nevertheless, it was a really fun week and I’m pretty satisfied with the end result of this one week rush. I have multiple people telling me they like the interface and more than a dozen get addicted to the hard mode (since the original is too easy once you make it through).

And then, of course, there’s the cake!


To get to 2048 in Hard Mode is impossible.

But in the very, very unlikely case that you do, I have prepared cake for your resourcefulness in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism.

2n is a game that is quite suitable for several things. You can be entertained by playing it yourself or by seeing others suffer from the Hard Mode when 100% of them who have finished the original game to 2048 would say in the first few moves: “what’s so hard about this?”

Did I mention there is also a multiplayer mode, where if you get tired from bringing tiles to higher values, you can instead stopping others from doing so?

Just for the fun of it, there’s also leaderboards and achievements (e.g. get to 2048 in less than 10 minutes), and multiplayer mode rates with an Elo system.

“They made an app for that game, you know, that 2048 game.”

This is not an app for “that game”. This is something even better.

To invite a friend in multiplayer mode, you and your friend need to be both at the Find Match screen. Make sure your phone can receive notifications from Game Center (check notification center in phone settings).

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