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About this app

At the start of the semester in my sophomore year, I’ve got this thought of making an app for Cornell. This is the result two months after the idea flash.

I went through every single task on the list to make sure they are reasonable (somewhat), added various information to help people achieve it, and designed some neat graphics to go with it. Keep things simple.

This would probably be just the app in everyone’s phone that just sits there, rarely touched. That’s ok, there’s four years for you to use it in various situations 🙂


This check list needs no introduction for anyone in the Cornell community. To take on these 161 tasks is to embark on a wild ride of fun, courage and rebellion against the social norm (after all, that’s what college students do).

This is the complete guide to introduce you to each and every task on the list, with detailed descriptions, maps, photos, ratings and reviews. Whether you are currently studying in Cornell, an alumni, or just interested in what Cornell students do in their spare time, this is the app to get you started on the right track.

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