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Who have thought throwing balls around can generate that much amusement?

Introducing Air Physics, the app to help you visualize object trajectories in…well, air!

Play around with the sliders, and you will find yourself generating various paths that can change in mid-air!

Specify where and how fast you want to project the ball, and the ball will move according to the current values of gravity, wind and air resistance! You can also enable Tilting Gravity mode to change direction of gravity by tilting the device!

Air Physics is a physics engine sandbox, capable of simulating the following:

(1 unit = 100 pixels)

– Initial Velocity: 0 ~ 50 unit/second, 0 ~ 2π

– Gravity: ±100 unit/second^2

– Air Resistance: 0 ~ 5 mass/second

– Wind: ±10 unit/second

Supporting iOS 5 – 7, iPhone and iOS. Free without ad.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 14, 2013 5.47.11 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 14, 2013 5.47.21 PM

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